Award-winning FinTech organisation remains one step ahead with North Cyber Security support

A Tees Valley SME has been able to test the resilience of its online security thanks to the support of the Teesside University-led DigitalCity initiative.

In a world where cyber threats and security breaches are increasingly common, collaboration between the cyber industry and financial technology is imperative. With that in mind Darlington-based FinTech organisation, Paid have undertaken a project to tighten up their security, reassuring clients and suppliers that their data is in the safest hands possible.

Paid provides a platform which cuts out the middle man for payments between suppliers and clients, forming an overall easier and much more efficient process. Its automated invoice tools have proven to be a huge hit among SMEs, enabling them to get paid for their work in a matter of hours, without having to chase their clients.

Since launching in 2018, the talented tech company has gone from strength to strength, being part of the Barclays Techstars 2019 class, selection to the Technation FinTech group and piloting their platform with a national telecommunications organisation.

With an ever-expanding client base, Paid wanted to invest more intensely in its security and looked to the DigitalCity initiative for support who, following a competitive tender exercise, connected them with cyber security experts, North Cyber Security. Following this, a review of their software took place before a full penetration test with an ethical hack to discover any hidden vulnerabilities.

DigitalCity works with both digital and non-digital businesses to stimulate digital innovation and investment.

Tom Howsam, director of Paid said “North CS have a really professional setup, having people understanding software means that they could get up to speed with our requirements with one call. Then when they got started we were able to be hands off. At the end of the process they delivered a report and debrief on their findings, which was exactly what we wanted. I would use them again and recommend in the future.”

“As for the team at DigitalCity, they were very helpful in understanding how important the security test would be for the platform and that by us completing this project it would help Paid secure other large enterprise clients. The process was simple, easy and most importantly quick.”

As a result of the project, Paid now have an extra level of reassurance knowing that they’re protected from hackers, as well as the confidence to access bigger contracts and expand their services on a national level.

North Cyber Security offers penetration testing and IT, technology and software due diligence on investments, mergers and acquisitions ranging from £1m to £300m. Their client portfolio includes everything from local start-ups that are in the process of creating their own online platforms to established enterprises across the globe. Teesside

Ben Kenyon, director of North Cyber Security highlights “It is so important that any organisation that is processing data through a platform, website or SAAS product undertakes a penetration test to prevent the possibility of a data breach and some daunting consequences on a substantial scale. The test isn’t just a one-off activity, it’s something that needs to be carried out yearly to highlight any vulnerabilities.”

“Although we work with established businesses worldwide, we always love to work with local companies where we can. In fact, we’re on the lookout at the moment to work with more SAAS businesses and web development agencies who build SAAS products locally and globally.”

If you’re the owner of a website, it is your responsibility to make sure data is secure and you have the necessary tools in place to prevent any security breaches. By undertaking a penetration test with North Cyber Security you can avoid hefty fines from the ICO and prevent any damage to your reputation. Contact North Cyber Security >

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