Case Study: CORE Systems Software

Having worked in the construction industry for 18 years and experiencing first-hand the significant amount of time, money and effort that’s wasted due to poor administration and co-ordination, Quantity Surveyor and founder of Darlington-based Rockliffe Construction Services (NE), Paul Bass, was determined to tackle the core of the problem with a ground-breaking tech solution.

The solution being CORE; CORE is a formidable platform which captures all data produced on and off-site, securely recording a single point of truth, that is instantly accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. CORE delivers fast, accurate, and intuitive data via Business Intelligence reporting to inform decision making.

Paul explained: “The construction industry is a complex environment with lots of data and lots of interfaces. Our innovative platform incorporating facilities such as automated dashboard, activity feed, risk and change management, site diary, notifications, actions, document control and improved site to office transfer, streamlines the whole construction management process.”

The challenge was getting the idea from paper to practice with minimal tech knowledge. Paul said: “My background is in construction, I knew very little about the tech industry or how to develop and release a digital product!”

To help, he looked to Darlington Borough Council who signposted him to DigitalCity and its tech entrepreneur support initiative, the Accelerator Programme, that’s funded by ERDF.

As well as the Accelerator Programme helping to validate and get the construction project management software platform off the ground, DigitalCity provided valuable one-to-one support and opened the door to several other opportunities.

This included key introductions to local organisations such as Silver Lining Animation, who created CORE’s explainer video, Sapere who carried out a platform audit and are now Paul’s software supplier and The WOODSmith Group – an early adopter of CORE who are seeing really impressive results since utilising the system.

Since adopting CORE, WOODSmith are delivering projects approximately 11% quicker and at 7% less cost. The potential additional costs and delays avoided due to improved risk management as a result of adopting CORE are not quantifiable but are undoubtedly significant.

DigitalCity have also supported CORE in numerous other ways – including strategic advice, collaborative presentation events and by providing support to secure funding to help develop the platform further. 

Paul said: “DigitalCity has been very supportive and they are so well-connected in the area, which has made a massive difference.”

And while it may only be the start of CORE’s journey, the platform has already had a notable number of achievements. From taking home the trophy for Digital Innovation at the Tees Tech Awards 2022 and presenting to various suppliers with DigitalCity, CITB and TVCA, to introducing a raft of new features and functionality including a more user-friendly interface, automated reports and 3D scanning and modelling capability.

Plans are also in place to scale the platform locally, nationally and internationally, with support from DigitalCity’s Investor Readiness programme.

Paul comments: “We’ve created a single source of truth, it’s unique and exciting. The push now is to continue growing our client base.  All construction companies can benefit from technology; making the construction process safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. 

Clients have also adopted our new 3D scanning service which is integrated with CORE and the results are impressive. CORE has provided them with absolute control; informing decisions, driving contractual compliance and agreement, and increasing productivity, delivery and efficiency.”

Scott Watson, Sector Growth Manager at DigitalCity said: “In CORE, Paul Bass and his team have built a formidable project management tool for the Construction industry.

“As a sector that has traditionally been slow to adopt digital technology, it is to Paul’s credit that he is beginning to onboard some of its biggest players. This is due to the impact on the bottom line and workflow that his early adopters have experienced.

“It’s been great to support an innovation like this one in the Tees Valley and we wish Paul and his team every success for the future.”

Paul added: “DigitalCity are experts in their field and have supported CORE in a variety of ways.  They have provided impartial advice, offered opinions on features and functionality, provided strategic direction as well as introducing us to some excellent businesses in the Tees Valley. I would highly recommend that Business Owners contact DigitalCity if they are exploring a new digital product or service.”

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