Case Study: RPS Pallets

In the words of RPS “our employees cannot drive down a road without a truck full of pallets catching their eye” but how does the business catch the eye of its customers? 

The Eaglescliffe-based, pallet management company leads the way when it comes to the collection and supply of wooden pallets across the UK and is on a mission to shout louder about its hassle-free services with a robust digital marketing strategy. 

Brimming with creative ideas yet limited by budget, the RPS team applied to the fully funded Creative Fuse Tees Valley Internship Programme for an innovative pair of hands to help. 

The team explained: “From the beginning we were fully supported by the programme, the process was extremely clear and simple. Consideration was given to who we were matched with and our intern was intrinsic to the brief from the beginning.

That brief was to create a 2D animated corporate video showcasing the high quality customer service delivered by RPS Pallets as set by the firm’s Marketing Manager, Tasha Hudson.


Teesside University student, Arran Bull worked directly with Tasha for eight weeks on a part-time basis which he describes as a ‘flexible learning experience’ that has enabled him to discover his capabilities and independence, have a better understanding of his production time frames, gain an insight into the world of freelancing and boost his CV. 

During those 8 weeks, Arran explored voice acting, music and undertook research on external media contributors before successfully creating valuable animated content to support RPS’ digital marketing strategy.

Tasha explained: “We are really proud to have worked closely with Arran in producing a really credible animation that will benefit us as a business and hopefully has given Arran a good understanding of what a client relationship is like.”

As a company that places a strong emphasis on attracting a diverse graduate talent pool, they described the Internship programme as “a fantastic opportunity to bring together creative graduates and local businesses, to support further learning with hands-on, real life experience in the workplace.”

Tasha added: “If businesses were considering participating in future graduate internship schemes, my advice would be – don’t hesitate!”

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