DigitalCity Alumni Joins International Accelerator Program

Founded in July 2021, Typical Gaming is a Darlington-based video games company that specialises in creating unique experiences in the Roblox Metaverse. Entrepreneurial game developer and Typical Gaming’s CEO Guy Jones former profession was in the British Army – Royal regiment of Scotland for 12 years.

After around 100 books, 1000 YouTube videos, and 8000 hours of work later, Typical Gaming released their first game in early access. Guy’s business idea began at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he then joined our Accelerator Programme in February 2022 and he has expressed that his participation in the DigitalCity programme really helped to enable the release of his flagship project.

Typical Gaming joined the DigitalCity Accelerator Programme to enable growth of the team, increase the quality of the business as a whole and focused the grant on adding value to the quality of their game. Typical Gaming consists of a team of three people; a 3D artist, a programmer and CEO Guy who is also a programmer.

Since completing the DigitalCity Accelerator programme, the company has been accepted onto the 2022 Roblox Games Accelerator Program starting in September. This is a significant achievement for Guy and Typical Gaming as it represents a huge step forward for his business. The program involves a healthy financial investment and mentoring from the team who make the Roblox game engine.

DigitalCity’s Accelerator Programme has enabled Typical Gaming to grow quickly and take its first product to market via a suite of business development workshops and bespoke coaching and mentoring delivered by digital business experts. The Programme provided Guy with valuable time out of his technical role to develop his skills as a business leader, giving him much-needed time to work on the business and not just in it.

After securing the Roblox Accelerator Program, Guy is most excited about the mentoring from the technical team who created the systems as it will be a fantastic opportunity for Typical Gaming to optimise in the best way possible.

“I hope to gain the support from the Roblox marketing team and learning to understand the method behind ‘the algorithm’ as it will be very useful in our campaign to achieve the front page.” – Guy Jones.

DigitalCity are very proud of the growth of Typical Gaming and Guy for securing such a unique and fantastic opportunity for his business and we are delighted to have supported Guy in his business journey.

Are you the founder of an early-stage digital/tech business in the Tees Valley? Applications for the next cohort of the Accelerator Programme starting in September are now open.