DigitalCity SCALE Masters Programme

We are looking forward to the DigitalCity SCALE master’s programme that is due to kick off this month.

Having kept in touch with a group of companies that have previously participated in DigitalCity SCALE, many were keen to re-engage due to the pandemic causing significant shifts in their growth plans.

The new programme will focusing on developing ideas and introducing additional concepts relevant to businesses in a post-pandemic economy, alongside an informal networking group that will meet for peer to peer informal networking sessions.

The programme will provide;

  • An opportunity for DigitalCity Scale alumni to refresh on concepts introduced previously which may have greater resonance since the pandemic.
  • The ability to expand concepts and content into areas which were not explored prior to lockdown.
  • An informal networking group to enable the peer-to-peer element of the programme to grow.

The networking group will be short evening or breakfast sessions introducing a concept or opportunity for informal discussion. 

For further information and to discuss opportunities to be involved in the programme please contact David Dixon, Digitalisation for Growth Manager on email at