How the Investor Readiness Programme can help local business leaders

Are you intrigued by external investment for your business but feel that your lack of knowledge or confidence is holding you back?

Our tailored Investor Readiness online programme led by financial experts Edale, will help you demystify the investment process and get ready for growth, whether that be right now or in the future.

Find out how it helped local business leader, Matt Atkinson, Chief Innovation Officer at Waymark IT Limited and Founder of System 88. Both of which are businesses focused on helping clients to revolutionise their processes and invest in the right solutions at the right time.

What were your reasons for joining the Investor Readiness programme?

We have developed several digital products which have the potential to be sold internationally.  We also have ideas on new products which we intend to sell internationally.

For both options, we wanted to understand how best to explore investment, to help us achieve our goals quicker, rather than organic growth.

What are the main things you have taken away from it?

How to pitch, at all levels.  This is proving to be invaluable, and it helped to practice and support each other during the course.   

It was also good to better understand some legal terms that I’ve heard but never really understood.  Lawrie did a great job of explaining things like this.

Was it beneficial learning with like-minded businesses?

The group were positive, and everyone worked to support each other.  Lawrie helped to establish a safe environment where people could practice and get open and honest feedback.

Would you recommend the programme to others?

Definitely – It was the best investor related advice that I’ve had and not once did I feel overwhelmed by the content.  It was very easy to follow and very informative.

Do you have any advice for those that are considering joining the next programme?

Take plenty of notes!  I put everything into a mind-map and refer to regularly.

If you’re interested in joining the next programme, please complete the registration form here: