Your App Development questions answered with Phil Veal

Phil Veal is the design thinker and owner of the Human Centred Design and Innovation Agency, Silbo Ltd. Phil helps organisations to address their needs, see problems as creative challenges and become more innovative. His main expertise lie in app development, digital strategy and production, creative direction and commercial modelling.


Q: What are the main things you need to consider when creating an app?

A: It’s really about making sure that there is a validated need for your app. Many organisations create apps because they feel that it something that they need to do just to “get something on the app store” but it is really important to define who you are creating for and what problem you are solving for them.


Q: How do you go about validating an app?

A: First try to break your idea down, a great way to do this is just to use a simple sentence:

“I am creating an app for xxxxx that will solve xxxx,  it will involve the secret sauce  xxxxxx and mobile technology”

This method forces you to think about who what and what extra value you are adding.


Q: How would an inexperienced person go about commissioning an app?

A: Understanding how an app is made from a development perspective is essential, also understanding the fundamentals of the device hardware.


Q: Should an app be on Android or on iOS/Mac – or both?

A: This depends on a lot of factors, for example what device[s[are you target audience using? And what OS? Do they need assistive tech? Also, the context that they be using the app can also be a consideration.


Q: How much does it cost to build an app?

A: This depends on a lot of things; a basic app could just be a responsive website and nothing more but a full spec app for IOS and Android *could be very expensive so there are a lot of considerations.


Q: Why do some apps fail?

A: Usually because they seek to solve a problem the either does not exist or does not warrant the purchase cost [or both] This is why validation is so important.


Q: Where can businesses find out more about validating, creating and commissioning an app?

A: If you are a Tees Valley-based business you could join me (Phil Veal) and the DigitalCity team on 21st and 28th July online at our Mobile App Development workshop. Places are limited, to reserve yours drop Hannah Draboczy an email at