12-week growth programme for audacious women creatives


Autumn Programme  

Commences Thursday 22nd September

If you’re a woman artist, maker or creative business leader in the Tees Valley, and you want to grow, this is the programme for you.

Through a blend of expert-led workshops and webinars delivered over 12 weeks, BoldlyGrow will introduce you to new business thinking, planning and delivery approaches that play to your strengths as a creative individual. We’ll also introduce you to inspiring artists and business leaders who have achieved serious commercial success and want to see you achieve your future potential.

  • Learn tools and techniques that play to your strengths as a creative individual
  • Discover future opportunities and get help to develop new commercial solutions
  • Meet fellow artists, entrepreneurs and commissioners that want you to succeed

What’s involved?

BoldlyGrow is a fully-funded part-time growth programme consisting of 4 full-day workshops over 12-weeks, with shorter webinars and coaching sessions in between.

The experience will be hard work, stretching, and sometimes uncomfortable, but it will also be inspiring, fun, and surprising. Over the course of 12 weeks, we will help you to:

Discover future market opportunities for your art and your business, and expand your confidence and capacity for innovation and growth.

Define new projects and income streams around real commercial opportunities, and learn about alternative business and financial models.

Develop the knowledge, skills and networks you need to exploit these new opportunities, and to confidently manage change and disruption.

Deliver effective growth projects using agile project management tools, so you stay in complete control whilst achieving your highest potential.

Who’s involved?

BoldlyGrow is delivered by a team of creative women and entrepreneurs with a long track record in helping creative individuals to exploit new opportunities and grow their businesses. The programme will feel more like a supportive network than a distinct set of learners and programme leaders. We will support and learn from each other, and the connections you make in these 12 weeks will last long after the programme concludes.

Complete the form below to register your interest for the autumn cohort and we will be in touch to talk through your ideas.