Talking Tees Tech – Conversation 1: Private Networks

Talking Tees Tech – Conversation 1: Private Networks


Date: Thursday 18 March 2021

Time: 09:30-11:30am

Location: Online

Event type: Event

Join Teesside University on Thursday 18th March for the launch of Talking Tees Tech – a B2B discussion event series designed to help local businesses share their understanding of technology, digital innovation and its many fantastic opportunities.

Taking place on a quarterly basis with support from DigitalCity and Tees Valley Combined Authority, each event will focus on a particular technology and provide businesses with the opportunity to learn, collaborate and connect with multiple business experts in the industry.

To kick-start the series, we are joined by Europe’s main infrastructure operator for wireless telecoms, Edzcom, who are part of the Cellnex group.  Cellnex and Edzcom will be providing a pragmatic introduction to Private Networks.

Discover what private networks actually are, how they are used in different sectors and most importantly, the benefits that they can have for your business.  We’re talking how private networks:

  • Optimise operations management
  • Enhance equipment reliability and remote control of assets
  • Increase health and safety through surveillance of people and assets
  • Strengthen data privacy and security
  • Enable you to control and retain ownership of your data
  • Provide better coverage and performance than WiFi
  • Also, when private networks aren’t necessarily the right solution for you

The event is free to attend for Tees Valley-based business leaders and managers. Places are limited, please book early to avoid disappointment.

If you would like to get involved in the next Talking Tees Tech event, whether that be as leading a discussion, having a suggestion for a technology to focus on, or would simply like to attend, please get in touch.  

These discussions are for businesses to talk to businesses, share what is important to you, and hear from others working with technologies that could be right for your business.


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