Digital Business Support

We help tech businesses in the Tees Valley to achieve digital maturity with consultancy advice and market intelligence.

Our services provide entrepreneurs and managers with the knowledge, expertise and advice they need to deploy digital solutions that help the development of their business, access to new markets and the launch of new products.

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Consultancy Advice 

If you have a project in development or already underway, our team of digital experts can provide you with two days of consultancy advice tailored totally to your business. 

Market intelligence service 

Knowing who your customers are is crucial for successful sales and marketing campaigns, that’s why we commission short market intelligence research reports to help you achieve the following:

  • Gauge the size of your industry
  • Examine a chosen demographic
  • Analyse competitor offerings
  • Assess the number of competitors in a chosen area
  • Evaluate the need for and response to, your products or services
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