SCALE Programme

Are you a digital SME looking to scale up your business?

The DigitalCity SCALE programme has been designed for digital business leaders in the Tees Valley to equip them with the digital knowledge they need to grow.    

The programme includes seven action-focused workshops centred on five key pillars of scaling and increasing the profitability of your business.

You will hear from inspirational business leaders who have been on their own entrepreneurial journey as they share their insights, experiences, successes and failures they’ve learnt along the way. You’ll also work alongside like-minded peers – business leaders facing the same challenges and obstacles, giving you the opportunity to learn from each other.

SCALE includes inspirational practices to help you lead your business to the next phase of growth or new product launch. Building back from the customer and market, SCALE helps you develop commercial and lean solutions, quickly and effectively. The delivery of this programme includes 1:1, peer groups, practical exercises, action learning and case studies.

Programme dates and deadlines

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Application Deadline

January 2023

Induction Workshop

8th February 2023


As business leaders, we understand that your time is precious and have structured the programme with one workshop per fortnight. A typical workshop day runs from 9am until 3.00pm including a lunch break with a guest speaker and Q&A opportunity.

Each client will receive up to one day mentoring with one of the course facilitators during the programme, in which you’ll receive help in formulating a bespoke action plan and have the opportunity for a private discussion.   

Workshop 1 – Induction / Design Thinking: Wednesday 8th February 2023

After an initial induction about the programme, we explore expectations, the role of each participant in the group, agree what success looks like for all and then we dive straight into Design Thinking. This will include discussions around several key topics such as customer journey mapping and seeing your business through the eyes of your client. It will highlight the tangible benefits of creating a collaboration based culture and the importance of experimentation.

Workshop 2 – Customer & Value Proposition: Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Importance of identifying your customer and how this links to design thinking, profitability and targets. Critically find your value proposition. What is fundamental reason you exist and why a customer should buy from your company. You will be create a single, clear statement that concisely communicates the value your company creates.

Workshop 3 – Strategy and Protections: Wednesday 8th March 2023

Explore best practices, critically analyse your peers and industry best practice in order to help catapult YOUR growth within a defined plan. The hugely important areas of goal setting, customer promises and communicating your strategy. With a strategy then learn how to protect and defend with intellectual property protections.

Workshop 4 – Sales and Marketing: Wednesday 22nd March 2023

Becoming masterful at sales and marketing. We’ll cover key elements including the importance of linking your sales and marketing strategy to your overall business strategy.

Workshop 5 – Funding Ready & Making Cash: Wednesday 5th April 2023

Know cash inside out and how to raise finance. Cash is the life blood of any business. This shows methods to make, preserve, generate and secure cash. Growth requires working capital so match we match strategy to ability to fund the execution of your plans.

Workshop 6 – Leadership & Management: Wednesday 19th April 2023

Attract and hire talent for your business. Explore the importance of values and culture and how to hire based on these very important factors. We will discuss how a business leader’s focus should be on the future and “on” business, along with the art of delegation and the role of NED’s. You’ll also learn about the huge importance of clear communication and its core role in success.

Workshop 7 – Execution: Wednesday 3rd May 2023

With a plan then comes the action. Here you will set appropriate targets, understand the role of governance, meeting rhythms and how KPI’s are intrinsic to success. During this session you’ll also get the chance to put on record the changes that you intend to make to your business. The whole programme is about your commitment to change, here is where that is tested!

Final session: Wednesday 17th May 2023