Wider Sector Support

Digital technology is transforming the way businesses operate, from business models and operational processes to customer experiences.

We help Tees Valley businesses to become much more aware of how to use digital channels and solutions to grow their business and improve their position in the competitive market.

We believe that traditional businesses can achieve higher levels of productivity, improve customer satisfaction and lower risk through the adoption of digital technology. Find out how we can help.

Digital Assist Programmes

If you want to improve your business processes or customers’ experience by embedding digital in your business, our consultant experts will help you to adopt the right technology and give you the confidence you need to make an investment in the most appropriate digital solutions that support your development and long term goals. 

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Digital Workshops

We get that business leaders are busy and keeping up with the pace of technology can be extremely difficult, that’s why we provide short, sharp workshop sessions focusing on new developments in specific sectors that introduce you to the emerging technology that you need to understand to succeed. As a follow-up we deliver bespoke support to help you identify opportunities for your business. 

Our digital workshops take place on a regular basis, register your interest for the next session via the button below.