North East law firm plans for digital transformation

Digital transformation experts Sapere Software has helped a thriving Tees Valley law firm plan for a digital future that will streamline the company and create jobs.

Stockton-based Sapere delivered a bespoke consultancy workshop to the team at Jacksons Law Firm to support the company in its campaign to become more efficient, generate new revenue streams and gain a competitive edge.

Following the digital transformation consultation, Sapere and Jacksons, which has offices in Stockton and Newcastle, identified opportunities to introduce solutions, which will enhance client experience and ultimately generate new roles within the business.

Paul Drake, Operations Director of Sapere, explained: “The team at Jacksons wanted to improve the way they work with technology to simplify processes and become more efficient, however they weren’t aware of the options available to them.

“We reviewed their internal systems and processes, analysed what could be done to increase productivity and how we could introduce a self-service offering for clients. We identified two new potential revenue streams the firm could tap into using technology and several ways to make the business more streamline, which will boost customer experience. 

“The legal industry tends to be quite slow, moving and late to pick up new trends but the team at Jacksons are ready to embrace technology. This is fantastic as it means they will have a unique offering.

“Following lockdown, more and more businesses are looking for ways to work smarter. As more firms continue to work remotely, now is the perfect time for companies to reflect on their processes and invest in technology to help them compete on the world stage.”

The consultation project was instigated by DigitalCity, which works with both digital and non-digital businesses to stimulate digital innovation and investment. The team at DigitalCity connected the Jacksons’ team with technical experts, Sapere through their funded initiative. As a result, the law firm has discovered the value in technology and the advantages it could bring to their organisation.

Managing Partner of Jacksons, Jane Armitage, said: “We know that we need to keep abreast of technological advancements to keep our business moving forward.

“The consultancy work completed by Sapere has enabled us to recognise a new work source, which is not offered at present by our competitors and could enable us to expand our services for clients both in this area and further afield. We anticipate that once established, this offering will provide a healthy income for the firm and will create jobs.

“We believe if we can implement recommendations in the consultation report we will relieve our staff of mundane, repetitive tasks, which means they can take on more interesting, satisfying work and increase their interaction with clients.”

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Press Release by Harvey and Hugo