Yellow Box Marketing

One more client to call. One more meeting to attend. One more lead to chase. It’s easy to get caught up on the day-to-day running of a business. While a regular flow of customers shows there’s a continued demand for your product or service, a stick-with-it approach puts a stop to any learning or growing opportunities.

Bradley Johnson, director of Yellow Box Marketing agency was at a comfortable stage in his business with a small team of three delivering web design, eCommerce and SEO services to a reasonable number of clients, maintaining a good reputation and achieving the same level of turnover. However, with the number of marketing agencies and freelancers surfacing in the North East, he came to the realisation that something needed to be done to maintain the high positioning of the agency.

Unsure where to start, a video of the DigitalCity’s SCALE programme caught his eye on LinkedIn at just the right time. “Seeing other local SMEs experience uncertainty around their business and hearing how this programme helped them completely change their direction was exactly what I needed to see. I didn’t even realise these things were available in Teesside.”

By joining the programme, the biggest benefit for Bradley has been listening to the advice of business leaders and hearing their experiences on growing. Describing it as “a massive learning curve” he admits he’s now changed the way he operates, particularly when it comes to empowering staff and passing on responsibilities.

As for the networking opportunities, Bradley explains how being in a room of like-minded people, where everyone has the same objectives to grow has really changed his mind-set. He adds “It opens doors to people you wouldn’t normally come across and hearing their stories really opened my eyes. You can read all the books and watch all the YouTube videos you want but if you don’t then put those ideas in place and execute them, it’s pointless. SCALE helps you do that.”

Feeling much more decisive with his SCALE mind-set fully intact, Bradley has taken on more employees, growing his team of three to seven, along with the recent addition of Gary Lumby as Non-Executive Director. Gary’s wealth of knowledge will help the agency steer their growth plans and ultimately achieve their goal of doubling turnover.

With more hands on deck, Yellow Box Marketing now proudly offers clients so much more. From social media and content writing to PPC and video marketing, they’ve expanded into a full service agency, with exciting future plans to take their eCommerce offerings to the next level with the support of Middlesbrough tech firm Aero.

David Dixon, of DigitalCity added “When I first met Bradley, I knew there was something good, he had a lot to give but just wasn’t really sure where to give it. His positive attitude and the right mind-set throughout the programme was brilliant. The fact that he has left with the realisation of his true potential is amazing.”