Meet the Accelerators: MenuMog

Each week we’ll be sharing profiles of the early-stage tech companies that are participating in the first DigitalCity Accelerator Programme of 2021 to give you an insight into the exciting digital products and services that are launching in the Tees Valley – watch this space!

Kick-starting the company introductions is Craig Tipple, Director of MenuMog.

In a nutshell, can you share an overview about you and your tech start-up?

I’m an international business graduate who spent a year studying in Hong Kong and moved over to Mainland China shortly after graduation from Northumbria University in Newcastle. The company I’ve set up is called MenuMog and is only a few months old, having been registered in November 2020, and although is considered trading, is yet to start operating. MenuMog is a digital platform that is going to allow diners in restaurants, bars and other similar businesses, to place orders independently using their mobile phone to scan a QR code.

How did the initial idea for your business come about?

The idea came to me while living in China, where placing orders from a mobile phone is commonplace. We don’t have anything mainstream like that here in the UK, but the benefits to the diner and the restaurant are numerous. While carrying out market research here in Hartlepool, where I’m based, one or two restaurants expressed reservations because they felt it would create distance between them and the customer. This is where MenuMog’s USP came from: Creating a single platform that can be used to automate the ordering process in the restaurant while also supporting social media interactions and promotional activities.

It’s a pleasure to have you on the Accelerator, what were your main reasons behind joining the programme?

I joined the Accelerator programme because I am working alone on my start-up and therefore have a limited skill-set and limited resources. The expert guidance and advice offered through the programme will no doubt be invaluable to me, as will the networking support offered by the DigitalCity team.

Where do you see your business, MenuMog in 18 months from now?

In 18 months, I’d hope to have established MenuMog in the majority of the restaurants, bars, cafes and other similar businesses throughout Hartlepool and the surrounding area. As the founder and sole employee of MenuMog, my role will be multifaceted but will be focused heavily on sales in order to build up a portfolio of businesses who are willing to trial the BETA version of the platform over the coming 6 – 12 months. One of my main objectives is going to be to create brand awareness among local diners on social media, which will hopefully support the sales effort in the restaurants.

Follow Craig’s business journey and find out more about MenuMog:

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