Teesside tech start-up launches Physiotherapy e-learning platform

Ed-tech entrepreneur launches digital platform, Teach Me Physio, with support from the Teesside University-led initiative, DigitalCity, to better prepare students for a career in Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy.

With over 16 years’ experience as a Physiotherapist and a passion for the profession, founder, Martin Davies set out to support university lecturers and aspiring physios amid the Covid-19 lockdown when face-to-face learning came to a halt.

Having worked for the NHS, in private practice and in elite sport including the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, Martin has used his wealth of knowledge and expertise to produce an online learning and teaching aid that is proving to be a huge hit with universities across the UK and abroad.

Using the Teach Me Physio platform, lecturers can direct their students to the key learning material required for their course, as well as continue their own professional development to enhance their teaching.

Students are given individual access to interactive 3D anatomical models and quizzes, structured clinical modules, free exercise prescription software and over 250 tutorial videos all of which demonstrate the essential skills that Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists need to become a confident practitioner and effectively help their patients.

Accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile, Teach Me Physio offers a flexible learning solution, Martin added: “The human body is universal and is the same whether you are in Middlesbrough or Madrid. Having a digital platform allows us to provide the same quality of training to all students and gives control on how and when they choose to learn.”

With little knowledge on how to effectively run and market his early-stage digital business, Martin looked to the DigitalCity initiative for support and later joined the Accelerator Programme in October 2020.

Martin commented: “The programme helped me to take a deep dive into my target audience, including their needs and how best to address them. This allowed me to go in a direction that I originally would not have travelled and allowed me to provide a much better product for my users.  I can now plan better, move quicker and make less mistakes.”

For anyone that’s considering starting a digital business, Martin shared some valuable advice: “Take advantage of skills, knowledge and experience from quality people who are willing to give it to you – especially if your background isn’t in business management or marketing.”

Teach Me Physio continues to work with universities across the country to help deliver quality teaching to students and has plans in the pipeline to expand globally.

For more information, please visit: https://teachmephysio.com/